Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This is Sick As

Groovers and/or Shakers,

On behalf of Trevor Sunday International, i'm happy as a pig in poo to introduce you to Michael Blowout. As part of Mr. Sunday's ongoing outreach support to drummers, he has sought out the most original solo recordings performed by drummers who dare to sing and attempt to/or interact with other instruments. After a moment of gentle reflection, i hope, we all, one day, might expel wind fom our behinds freely without fear of redemption. The upcoming release of 'Sick As' compiles tracks drawn from various totally unknown acts featuring Mike and a few space cowboys who can actually play their instruments baby (despite the significant distraction of Mike's deformity).

Tracklisting as follows:

1. I'm Going Away* by Dutch Sunsets
2. GRFJ by the Jugs
3. Demons 2 Diamonds 0 by Choco, Buddha and the Junkyard Dog
4. Charmaine Champagne* by the Nasturtiums
5. Whatever by Vincent Price is Right
6. Jules at 50 by Ers of Tomo
7. Easy Does It by the Stanx
8. Unholy Virtue by Care Factor
9. Monkey in a Tracksuit by the Nasturtiums
10.Stray Dog by Elf Burger
11. 13th Floor by Psychic Budgie Smugglers
12. Paula Abdul's Last Night in Town by Vincent Price is Right
13. Passed Out by Bunny & Steve
14. Outro by the Nasturtiums
15. Start Again by Instant Hairdos

Over the coming weeks, preview tracks will be posted for your consideration. i MUST inform you that the regular health warnings apply and if in doubt, please consult your doctor or local fish and chip shop.

Burp Murphy

Trevor Sunday International Productions

*lyrics by The Fiery Furnaces, music as noted.
**cornflakes best served with cold milk.

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