Friday, January 13, 2012

more clouds of hiss

Dear John, Marsha and my 3 other readers from Russia,

If you are a sucker for punishment, there are more sick as tunes up at sound cloud -

Mike has advised that a new EP is in the works - in fact, he claims that it is almost finished. Mr. Blowout is also drumming on the upcoming releases by Antijob and 6ixx and the Dead - these releases feature people who can actually sing.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Old Year!

Hello World

Trevor Sunday International has teamed up with Cheep Records! to produce a CD version of 'Sick As'. Please contact me via email if you would like a copy or a pointless conversation. Please be sure to include your t-shirt and beret size.

In celebration of such a delusional decision, here are some Sick As outtakes from Michael Blowout and his minstrels:

Ian Chappell by The Stanx
arguably a better production than anything on Sick As, better songwriting and a tasteful as accompaniment by the boys.

bring me your entrails by goodluck jonathon
arguably the worst production ever but namechecks the great German thrash band Destruction.

Right Lanes by Saturday Night the Band
undeniably unproduced baloney served with a cloud of hiss.